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Your Storefront is your FIRST IMPRESSION on your customers or visitors.

We are the Original Parking Lot Beautification Company!!

Give Your Parking Lot a Clean and Inviting Look!

Let us Seal Coat and Stripe your Parking Lot!

A Well Marked Parking Lot is Safer for Your Customers!

We can make your Parking lot stand out as well as bringing it up to the American Disabilities Act requirements.

Let us give you a quote on giving your parking lot a fresh look!!!

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An example of a Van Access as required under ADA.
  1. The first 25 parking spaces require 1 Handicap VAN space.
  2. After that every 25 spaces requires 1 Regular Handicap Space.
  3. After the first Handicap VAN accessible space one Handicap VAN space is required in every eight Regular Handicap Spaces.

ADA Standards for Accessible Handicap Parking Spaces
Total Number of Spaces Number of Van Handicap Spaces Number of Regular Handicap Spaces
1 to 25 1 0
26 to 50 1 1
51 to 75 1 2
76 to 100 1 3
101 to 150 1 4
151 to 200 1 5
201 to 300 1 6
301 to 400 1 7
401 to 500 2 7

After seven regular Handicap Spaces you are required to have another VAN Accessible Space

We can make your Parking Area look like the entrance to the successful business that it is while also bringing your lot up to the latest ADA Specifications.

Call Rick or Dick for a quote. Let us schedule your parking lot. You will be surprised when you find out how economical it is to change the looks of your store front.

Striping The Town

The Parking Lot Guys

Covington, GA